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Focusing on natural extracts in “VG Rich” blends with no artificial dyes, diacetyl/diketones, or sucralose.  Mile High drip blends offer flavors that pop, but remain “oh so smooth” on sub-ohm builds with unique blends that you won’t find in any other lines.


Nicotine & VG analysis:

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Mile High Drip Flavor Line Up

Crack Loopz - Our most layered flavor blend to date! Most say it is spot on "Fruit Loops", focusing on the Orange & Lemon loops. Others say it's the most addicting ADV they have ever had! Hence the name "Crack Loops".

CrackBerry Crunch - A Crunch Berry cereal profile with berry layers, that would make the Captain proud.

Island Chill - "Guava Goodness" with  Papaya and Mandarin Orange notes.

JaMakin Clouds - A Tropical Pineapple blend with a Sweet Mango finish.

Nanner - Banana Cream Goodness, with layers of Strawberry and other fruits

Pair - A perfect pairing of Honeydew & Pear, with subtle layers of other fruits.

π - Our Pi is an “Apple Pie” dessert profile with a caramel cream drizzle that is infinitely good! (You can taste the crust!)

POM - Pomegranate base, with layers of tart dark fruits, and a lemon citrus finish.

Sinful - A Bakery Danish blend profile, that is sinfully addictive! Need we say more?

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